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Terra Novo’s engineers and chemists pride themselves on maintaining a hands-on approach to solving site-specific problems for the agriculture, reclamation and erosion-control industries with highly effective, extremely affordable and environmentally friendly product lines developed to comply with the Clean Water Act.

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Latest Products

EarthGuard FUSION

EarthGuard FUSION is among the new classification of products known as Hydraulic Growth Medium & Mulch (HGM²). Fuses erosion-control with the agricultu..

EarthGuard EDGE™

Introducing EarthGuard EDGE™, a pellet form of the popular erosion-control product, EarthGuard Fiber Matrix. The new EDGE formula allows users to appl..

EarthGuard ORGANIX

EarthGuard ORGANIX is a high-quality topsoil replacement product classified as a Hydraulic Growth Medium (HGM). Boost the benefits of ORGANIX by adding Terra No..

EarthGuard ELIXIR

EarthGuard ELIXIR is part of Terra Novo’s soil-building product line. It provides organically derived fertilizers, trace elements, growth stimulaters and ..